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Orthopedic Joint Replacement

Orthopedic Surgery

Hip, knee and shoulder pain can severely hamper a person’s ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

At HRRMC's Orthopedic Joint Replacement clinic we review the extent of your condition and discuss whether or not joint replacement surgery is a viable option for you.

Dr. Steven Jones specializes in joint replacements of the hip and knee. He is fellowship-trained in Adult Reconstruction, which includes:

  • Exposure to hip and knee arthroplasty;
  • Osteotomy of the hip and knee;
  • Arthroscopy of the hip and knee; and
  • A variety of additional adult reconstructive surgical procedures.

To schedule an appointment: (719) 530-2000
Fax: (719) 530-2408

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Are you receiving a joint replacement soon?

If so, please click below to watch the following videos pertaining to your specific surgery and recovery process.

Total Joint Replacement videos

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Preparing for joint replacement surgery

HRRMC created a Joint Replacement video series for those considering a joint replacement or who are already scheduled for a joint replacement at HRRMC.

If your physician decides you are a candidate for joint replacement surgery, be sure to discuss a few important factors with them.

  • Implant design - Different patients have different lifestyles. Your new implant should be designed with your specific goals and daily activities in mind.
  • What to expect after surgery - Joint implants require a certain degree of care. Be sure to discuss with your surgeon what the implant can and cannot handle, and what exercises will aid the implant in settling in.
  • Keeping bones healthy - Walking and running help keep bones healthy. Talk with a physician about the exercise you will need if you decide to have the operation.