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Surgical Services

Skilled and experienced surgeons

HRRMC's team of board-certified physicians and surgical nurses and technicians provides exceptional, state-of-the-art surgical care right here in Salida.

Our facilities include three operating rooms and an endoscopy suite, which are fully equipped for a variety of surgical procedures.

Our Providers

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Planning for your surgical procedure

Talk to your doctor about what medications you should or should not take before your procedure. If you are taking medications for blood pressure, heart or lung disease, seizures, or diabetes, it is important that you clarify what time these should be taken. If you take blood thinning medication, including aspirin, discuss this with your physician. Bring your inhalers and hearing aids with you.

Be sure to take the following steps when preparing for surgery:

  • Drink plenty of fluids the day before surgery, 5 to 6 glasses of water
  • No drinking or eating after midnight, including hard candy, gum, or water
  • Ask your doctor about taking prescribed medications
  • Only take small sips of water to take medications
  • Do not bring valuables to the operation
  • Hearing aids, contacts, and other assistance items are fine to bring, but be prepared to take them out

To download our "Preparing for Your Surgery" brochure in English, click here.

To download our "Preparing for Your Surgery" brochure in Spanish, click here.

It is important that your questions are addressed. You may want to bring a list of questions regarding your procedure and recovery. If you do not take the proper steps to prepare, your surgery may be cancelled.