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Family Birthing Center

Safe and comfortable facilities for expectant parents

HRRMC's Family Birthing Center provides a safe and comfortable environment to give birth.

Current COVID restrictions: We are allowing one (1) husband, wife or partner; and one (1) additional paid labor support member to be present during your delivery (such as a Doula). Our team of Obstetrics physicians, nurses and staff will be on hand for all your needs.

Our team of caring and skilled nurses and physicians are guided by our mission, vision, and values. The team is available 24 hours a day to offer you constant support and medical expertise.

Click the link below to hear Dr. Craig Otteni's personal experience at the Family Birthing Center.


Phone: (719) 530-2277
Fax: (719) 530-2279

Services available 24/7

Our Providers

Approximately 130 babies are born here every year. While the majority of babies "room in," if your baby has any difficulties, our well-equipped nursery allows us to carefully monitor newborns. Anesthesia services are available for epidurals and pain management.

Our physicians perform Cesarean sections when needed, but our overall C-section rate is well below the national average. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 32% of all deliveries in the U.S. are by C-section. In 2016, HRRMC's overall C-section rate was 20%, which includes repeat C-sections. First-time C-sections accounted for 11% of all deliveries.

Birthing room amenities and nursery

The Family Birthing Center has three comfortable birthing rooms with beautiful mountain views. Our birthing beds offer the ability to labor, deliver, and recover all in the same room. Spacious private bathrooms provide walk-in Jacuzzi tubs to help with relaxation during labor. Sleeper sofas and recliners offer birth partners/coaches a comfortable place to rest.

The nursery facility keeps newborns under constant supervision. Our nursing staff is specially trained in how to care for infants and give new parents a chance to rest and recover after labor.

Preparing for delivery

While our most important goal is a safe, healthy mother and baby, we understand that every expectant mother has her own expectations of the birth experience. We offer wireless fetal monitoring so moms are able to move around or labor in the tub, birthing balls, music, and a tranquil setting. Doulas are welcome in the birthing center. We will support individual birthing plans to the best of our ability and encourage patients to create a birth plan to serve as a guide to those involved with your care.

We offer free Childbirth classes for the expectant mother throughout the year. We also offer a free Breastfeeding Basics class that all new or expectant mothers are encouraged to attend. After the delivery, our nurses will spend time helping you and your baby with breastfeeding or bottle feeding as well as teaching how to care for yourself and your newborn. For a list of local breastfeeding resources, click here.

We also have certified women's health physical therapists available for consultations during and after pregnancy. HRRMC's Family Birthing Center is one of the few birthing centers in the nation that offers physical therapy services to all of our mothers postpartum. Our PTs will advise you on gentle exercise to help you begin the healing process. They can also fit you for a binder if needed and provide you with education to decrease your risk of pain, incontinence and prolapse.

Mother's Milk Bank logoHRRMC became the second rural Mothers' Milk Bank Donation and Outreach Center in Colorado in 2016. To learn more about the resources available to local families or if you'd like to donate excess milk, please call the Family Birthing Center at (719) 530-2277.