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Integrative Medicine

Assessing each patient’s lifestyle and habits to promote well-being

Integrative Medicine in Salida, Colorado.

Integrative medicine incorporates modern healthcare practices with holistic healing.

One of our internal medicine physicians, William Schroeder, D.O., is also an integrative medicine specialist. Integrative medicine is a style of care that focuses on the patient and addresses not just disease treatment and prevention but optimizing health.

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"When appropriate, I select the safest, most effective and scientifically valid methods from a wide variety of complementary disciplines. I then integrate them with Western medicine based on a holistic assessment of a patient's needs and desires," explained Dr. Schroeder. "I am pleased to be able to offer these options as a skill beyond my training as an osteopathic internal medicine physician."

Dr. Schroeder completed a fellowship in integrative medicine at the University of Arizona under Dr. Andrew Weil, a frequent lecturer on PBS and an internationally known expert in the field of integrative medicine.