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Swing Bed Program

Additional assistance recovering from hospitalization

After a hospital stay, not everyone has the ability or strength to return to everyday living.

If you need more time to recover from an illness, injury or surgery, your doctor may recommend a Medicare-certified program referred to as Swing Bed (or Skilled Care in larger hospitals). Swing Bed allows physicians to "swing" a patient's level of care from the acute care you receive when hospitalized to the next level of care: continued skilled nursing care and rehabilitation.

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Our Providers

The Swing Bed program at Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center combines nursing care with physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and an activity program customized just for you.

Benefits of Swing Bed

Though your patient status changes when entering the Swing Bed program, your room and bed do not. Patients will be able to continue recuperating in the amenities they have grown accustomed to, and have access to 24 hour nursing care.

Swing Bed services may include:

Our goal is to get patients well enough that they can enjoy life just as they did before their ailment. We have patients tell us what their objectives are and design a personalized plan to help accomplish them.

Paying for Swing Bed

Swing Bed is a Medicare covered program. Many insurance companies also provide policies that will cover it through skilled nursing benefits. In order to qualify, a patient must have stayed in the hospital for a minimum of three days and received acute medical care within the last 30 days.

In order to facilitate care, a patient’s objectives are measured according to HRRMC’s rehabilitation department’s standards. Patients are discharged from the program once the rehabilitation staff determines all reasonable measures to improve care have been fulfilled.