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Joint Replacement Videos

If you are scheduled to receive a total hip, total knee or total shoulder replacement, please refer to the following videos as resources. These are by no means comprehensive; these should be utilized alongside your Joint Replacement Guidebook for a complete understanding of needs before, during and after your surgery.

Please watch videos 1-5 for any total joint replacement you are receiving, and then watch video 6a, 6b or 6c pertaining to your specific joint replacement (knee, hip or shoulder).

Video 1: Joint Replacement Center: Welcome

Video 2: Preparing for a Total Joint Surgery

Video 3: Preparing your environment and managing at home

Video 4: What to expect during your hospital stay

Video 5: What to expect from rehab

Video 6a: Total Knee Replacement Rehab exercises

Video 6b: Total Hip Replacement Rehab exercises

Video 6c: Total Shoulder Replacement Rehab exercises

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