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Occupational Therapy

Lead Your Best Life

Occupational therapy helps patients adapt, relearn or improve daily functions that have been disrupted due to injury, accident, birth defects, arthritis, aging, and emotional or developmental problems.

Occupational Therapy promotes independence in basic self-care, recovery of lost work skills, increased confidence in physical abilities, and cognitive/mental rehabilitation such as problem-solving or improving short-term memory.

Rehabilitation may include:

  • Education and training with devices and techniques to improve strength, range of motion and endurance
  • Home-safety assessments to determine adaptive equipment needs, where to install grab bars, and where to move furniture for safer, easier mobility
  • Hand therapy to treat arthritis, nerve damage, and arm trauma
  • Pediatric therapy, which includes a variety of rehabilitation programs designed for children

Defining Your Treatment

Occupational therapy is a holistic practice. This means the treatment is designed to help patients face the specific challenges they face in day-to-day life, and equip them with tools to handle their long-term goals. In addition to physical improvement, occupational therapy aims to help the patient’s social development. Dealing with a disability or declining health is not easy, but occupational therapy can help improve quality of life.

Contact Information

Occupational Therapy business hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. -­ 5 p.m. An appointment may be made for rehabilitation at home. Call (719) 530-2040.