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End of Life Options Act

The Colorado End-of-Life Options Act authorizes medical aid in dying and allows a terminally ill adult to end his or her life in a peaceful manner. The patient must meet several requirements, including:

  • A prognosis of six months or less;
  • Mental capacity to make an informed decision;
  • Residency in Colorado; and
  • Has requested and obtained a prescription for medical aid-in-dying medication.

Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center (HRRMC) allows its physicians and other health care providers who are permitted under the End-of-Life Options Act to participate in activities authorized by the Act, if they so choose.

When a patient makes an inquiry about or requests access to activities under the Act, the patient will be referred to the HRRMC Case Management/Discharge Planning office. The staff is well versed in the requirements of the Act, will assist patients in understanding the Act, inform them about the process, and provide educational material related to the patient’s end-of-life options.

This assistance will enhance but not substitute for the obligations of the patient’s physician. If a patient’s physician chooses not to participate in the Act, which is his or her right under the law, a social worker will assist in the identification of an HRRMC physician who will participate.

HRRMC does not accept new patients solely for the purposes of accessing the Act. Eligible individuals must be current patients receiving inpatient care for a terminal disease.