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HRRMC Board Election

Board of Directors Election Information

Official election results

The election results on the document below have been certified by the Chaffee County Canvass Board.

Salida Hospital District Map

salida hospital district

Meet our newly elected board members

Three-year term board members

bill alderton

Bill Alderton

Current occupation: Retired Chaffee County Judge. I am still a practicing attorney part-time.

Career experience:

Chaffee County Judge - 31 years

Attorney, Private practice and district attorney's office - 30 years representing local government entities, including Town of Poncha Springs and Buena Vista Sanitation District

Previous board experience:

  • Board member of New Salida Ditch - present
  • Board member of Salida School District - 5 years

Key initiatives you feel strongly about that pertain to HRRMC:

  • I am committed to government being open and transparent. I believe my experience working with local governments will help with that process. The Hospital is currently in very good financial condition and I am committed to maintaining that position.
  • The Hospital has plans for an urgent care facility in Salida. I support this effort as it will allow people with urgent health care issues to get medical treatment without the cost of a visit to the emergency room. I also support the outlying clinics in Coaldale, Saguache, Custer County and Buena Vista.
  • All employers are experiencing trouble attracting and retaining staff. HRRMC is aware of the issue and the Board needs to continue to address this problem.

Dean Edwards

Current occupation: Retired

Education background: B.S., M.S., Computer Science, California State University

Career experience:

  • 17 years, VP of Analytic Product Development, FICO (Credit Score company)
  • 13 years, IT Director, two Colorado Springs-based nonprofit organizations

Previous board experience:

  • Current appointed member of HRRMC Board of Directors - 1 year
  • Current Chairman, Finance Committee of HRRMC Board of Directors - 1 year
  • Current Member, Finance Committee of HRRMC Board of Directors - 3 years
  • Current Trustee, Town of Poncha Springs - 7 years

Key initiatives you feel strongly about that pertain to HRRMC:

  • As the Hospital District population continues to grow, the Hospital needs to add healthcare services to minimize the need for patients to go elsewhere for their care.
  • Maintain fiscal responsibility in Hospital operations
  • Review pricing policy to address affordability for patients lacking adequate insurance
  • Address housing affordability issues for current and future employees
  • Determine whether HRRMC can help bring about needed Senior Living/Healthcare facilities beyond skilled nursing care

lydia segal
Ms. Lydia Segal, M.D., MPH

Current occupation: Health counselor, focus is on men’s and women’s health (private practice)

Co-teacher for men’s and women's health programs at HRRMC (volunteer)

COVID-19 Q&A columnist for local newspapers (volunteer)

Education background: B.A., Journalism, University of Arizona; B.S., General Biology, University of Arizona; M.D., University of Arizona College of Medicine; MPH, Johns Hopkins University

Additional education:
  • Certification in Sexual Health Counseling, University of Michigan
  • Certification in Acupuncture, Helm's Institute

Career experience:

  • Family Practice physician in Virginia and North Carolina - 35 years
  • Founded and chaired an Integrative Medicine Center for a large multi-specialty HMO - 10 years
  • Founded and lead a cognitive behavioral chronic pain program - 10 years
  • Consultant for program development in third world countries for global non-profits
  • General assignment reporter in Arizona - 2 years

Previous board experience:

Clinical Guidelines Committee; Interdisciplinary Chronic Pain Committee; Chronic Disease Self Management Committee; Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee; Physician’s Wellness Committee; Global Health Committee

Key initiatives you feel strongly about that pertain to HRRMC: Taking care of patients, not customers.

  • As a family physician, I’ve worked my entire career to ensure that care is tailored to people's individual needs and goals. In that regard, my tenure on the board would encompass:
  • Focusing on quality of care by medical, nursing and allied health staff for improved patient outcomes
  • Increase functionality of electronic medical record systems
  • Maximize telemedicine to improve access to health care to reach all people in the hospital district, especially those in remote and underserved areas
  • Enhance services for older persons to strive to be healthy
  • Maintain financial responsibility to enhance medical services
  • Expand community based health education programs to educate and raise awareness of critical public and personal health issues
  • Assess the needs of the community and develop services and programs to meet those needs

One-year term nominees
Ms. Susan Dunn

Current occupation: Business consultant

Education background: CPA, not currently in practice. B.S. in Accounting and Business Administration

Career experience:

Auditor and CPA, now business consultant

Previous board experience:

Several years of serving on HOA Board and Chaffee County Council of the Arts Board

Key initiatives you feel strongly about that pertain to HRRMC:

Housing, and the required resources involved with housing in Chaffee County.

*Please note: Each nominee was provided the same requirements and questions to answer. Responses are provided here verbatim, with the exception of slight formatting for website optimization.