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Direct Access Cardiovascular Screening

Direct Access Cardiovascular Screening (DACS) gives you an option to order selected cardiovascular screenings on your own, without a doctor's order. Your payment is required up front, by cash, check or credit card, along with an address and phone number. Insurance will not be billed.heart with a stethoscope graphic

Cardiovascular Screenings offered:

Full Cardiovascular Screening: $510

(Includes the five (5) cardiovascular screenings below along with a direct access lipid panel.)

Coronary Calcium CT Scan: $129

(Calcium Score)

Carotid Artery Ultrasound: $235

Abdominal Aortic Ultrasound: $79

12-Lead Electrocardiogram (EKG): $59

Peripheral Artery Disease Test (PADnet): $135

Direct Access Blood Draw (Lipid Panel): $25

Location: DACS is provided at the hospital, 1000 Rush Drive, Salida, CO. Appointment times are the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, in the morning. Appointments are required and must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance of the screening.

Scheduling: If you only want to order a coronary calcium CT scan (calcium score), please call the HRRMC Imaging Department directly at (719) 530-2202. To order the full panel (five screenings and one lab test) or any of the other individual screenings (carotid artery ultrasound, abdominal aortic artery ultrasound, 12-lead EKG, or PADnet), please call (719) 530-2396.

If you are experiencing acute cardiac symptoms at the time of scheduling, you will be referred to your primary care provider or the nearest emergency room.

Results: Results for the coronary calcium CT scan (calcium score) are provided at the time of the service. All other screening results will be communicated in person about a week after completion. This appointment will be with a Wellness U exercise physiologist and scheduled once your screening is completed.

Call (719) 530-2396 for more info or to schedule a screening!

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A waiver explaining DAC specifics must be reviewed and signed prior to the draw. Persons under 18 years old will require a parent or legal guardian to sign.