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COVID-19 Updates

As of May 19, Chaffee County Public Health is aware of 68 positive cases (which include presumptive positives), and 17 deaths due to COVID-19. HRRMC has been taking many steps to safeguard our patients, staff and visitors. Please see below for the latest updates.

HRRMC re-opened its facilities to provide services again on Monday, April 27. Facilities are open under social distancing restrictions, and providers are dividing their time between in-person and telehealth visits. Visit our Facility and Clinic updates page to review the specific guidelines in place for each of our locations.

COVID-19 Community Tests

HRRMC has partnered with Public Health and are offering free COVID-19 community testing every Tuesday, from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. In order to qualify, you must call Public Health at 719-539-4510. Public Health will determine if you are pre-approved based on specific criteria.

We are not testing asymptomatic people at this time.

Wearing Face Masks in Public

In order to maintain alignment with the CDC and Governor Polis' request that all Coloradans wear a face covering when out of their homes, HRRMC is asking any person coming to any of our facilities to please follow this request and wear a mask upon arrival. If you do not have a face covering or mask, please see our medical screeners at each entrance and let them know.

Disclaimer: These masks do not protect the wearer from being infected by the COVD-19 virus. The intention is to keep droplets contained from leaving your mouth and nose to protect those around you. They can also remind us not to touch our faces.

Medical Screenings

Calling ahead to schedule an appointment is required for all patients entering HRRMC clinics.

Patients will undergo a COVID-19 specific medical screening over the phone before their appointment. If the patient screens positive for respiratory symptoms over the phone – such as fever, cough and shortness of breath – they will be asked to stay home, and their provider will be notified. Those screening positive in person will be asked to return to their car to await further medical evaluation.

HRRMC is not accepting walk-ins, with the exception at HRRMC’s designated walk-in clinic in Buena Vista.

Vehicle triaging and separate entrances have been set up at the Salida and Buena Vista health centers for patients with respiratory symptoms (such as cough, shortness of breath or fever).

If you seek medical attention for respiratory symptoms at an HRRMC facility, please remain in your car when you arrive and call the appropriate facility number below. Patients will be screened over the phone and then staff will let you know if they will conduct a test at your vehicle, or if you will come inside to be seen.

Salida Health Center (on Highway 50): 719-530-2022
Buena Vista Health Center: 719-395-9048
Saguache Health Center: 719-655-2531. Telehealth available by calling 719-530-2022.

HRRMC will allow one accompanying person per patient if that patient needs assistance. This person assisting the patient will be medically screened prior to being allowed into any facility. Should they have respiratory symptoms, the person assisting the patient will be asked to return to their vehicle for further medical evaluation.

All patients entering clinics are required to wear a mask and encouraged to sanitize hands frequently. Screeners at the entrance to each facility will not allow patients to enter the clinics more than 10 minutes prior to their appointment time; patients arriving more than ten minutes early will be asked to return to their vehicle and wait.

All facility waiting rooms are reconfigured to accommodate social distancing and limit capacity to ensure six-feet-apart distances. These areas will be monitored and crowding will be addressed in real time. Signage and floor markings indicate safe social distancing protocols.

Emergency Department Triage Tent

HRRMC has set up a triage tent for emergency medical screenings outside the hospital Emergency Department. This allows patients and visitors with respiratory symptoms (such as cough, shortness of breath or fever) to be seen in a setting that minimizes exposure to others inside the building.

Anyone experiencing fever, cough or shortness of breath who wants to be medically screened is asked to park by the HRRMC Emergency Department, remain in their vehicle, and call 719-530-2039.

Patients will be screened over the phone and then staff will let you know if you need to be seen in the triage tent.

Please note: There is a fee associated with a tent visit—please ask for more details when you arrive.

Visitor Restrictions, Patient Visits and Closures

Please visit our Facility and Clinic updates page for more information on which of our locations are open and for what services.

Hospital: Visitors will only be allowed in the hospital on a case-by-case basis. The café and gift shop are closed to visitors.

All elective surgeries are now authorized moving forward.

Sleep studies are being offered remotely in the home setting.

Outpatient Pavilion: The specialty clinics are gradually reintroducing in-person visits. Providers will split their time equally between face-to-face clinic visits and telehealth visits to align with social distancing guidelines. Telehealth appointments with Outpatient Pavilion providers are available by calling 719-530-2000.

Staying aligned with Governor Polis’ “Safer at Home” order, elderly and medically vulnerable patients are encouraged to stay home unless absolutely necessary to have an in-person visit, and medical providers will determine face-to-face visits on a case-by-case basis.

Elective rehab appointments are being reintroduced, and will be scheduled on a case-by-case basis, depending on the patient's comfort level.

The retail pharmacy remains open. It has replaced in-store pickup of prescriptions with curbside and home delivery, which is free of charge. For prescription info, call 719-530-2430, option 0.

The Wellness U gym in the Outpatient Pavilion is closed until further notice.

Buena Vista Health Center and Salida Health Center: Providers will split their time equally between face-to-face clinic visits and telehealth visits to align with social distancing guidelines. Telehealth visits are available by calling the BV clinic at 719-395-9048, or the Salida Health Center at 719-530-2022.

Saguache Health Center: This clinic is open for Primary Care and Obstetrics on Mondays and Wednesdays, and Rehab appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Telehealth is available by calling the Salida Health Center at 719-530-2022. Pharmacy deliveries will continue to this clinic for pickup Mondays - Thursdays.

Telehealth virtual appointments

HRRMC began providing telehealth services via confidential videoconferencing on Thursday, March 19. This is currently available for family medicine and primary care services and some specialty services. Call your provider's office directly to set this up and a staff member will guide you through the process.

Please visit our Telehealth webpage for your appointment.

Entrance Closures

The hospital campus currently has three entrances open: the main hospital entrance, the east entrance of the Outpatient Pavilion (by the Pharmacy), and the Emergency Department entrance. Please follow signage to enter the buildings where appropriate, and note that you will be medically screened before entering.

HRRMC’s Buena Vista Health Center and Salida Health Center are also medically screening visitors at the door.

COVID-19 Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE):

Chaffee County Public Health COVID-19 Facebook page:

Chaffee County Public Health: 719-539-4510

CO HELP emergency line: 1-877-462-2911