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Women's Wellness Connection

Prevention is Powerful.

The healthier we are, the stronger we are in living our lives and caring for those around us.

It all begins with how we care for ourselves and if we make our own health a priority. Annual wellness exams are a way to prevent illnesses and detect health issues early, when they are easiest to treat and survival rates are the highest.

Contact us to see if you qualify for free cervical and breast cancer screening exams.

Our Women’s Wellness Connection grant educates, empowers, and encourages women to access annual wellness exams. We believe that a woman's choice to live in our region should not limit her ability to receive annual wellness exams. We also believe all women should have access to these services, regardless of income or insurance coverage.

The Women’s Wellness Connection team helps women navigate the healthcare system to schedule appointments and provide support, including financial support to women who qualify.

HRRMC is committed to offering state-of-the-art breast cancer diagnostic tools including 2D and 3D mammography to ensure early detection. Plus, our experienced healthcare team provides exceptional and compassionate treatment to patients throughout our region.

Encourage other women to get their annual wellness exam and to contact us for support.


The Women's Wellness Connection team

From left: Heather Roberts, Women's Health Clinic Services Coordinator; Melanie Critelli, Women's Health Outreach Coordinator; Crissy Supples, HRRMC Grant Writer; Lezlie Burkley, HRRMC Foundation Director; and Pamela Myers, HRRMC Administrative Assistant. Not pictured: Julia Fritz, Women's Health Outreach RN.

Contact us

To determine your eligibility and navigate care: E-mail WWC Outreach Coordinator, Melanie Critelli, or call Mel at (719) 530-1065.

For clinical questions, contact WWC Outreach RN Julia Fritz, LNP, APRN by phone at (719) 650-4450.

For information or questions regarding the grant and donations, e-mail HRRMC Foundation Director Lezlie Burkley or call the HRRMC Foundation Office at (719) 530-2218.

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