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What is Wellness U?

Play an active role in your health

HRRMC Wellness U in Salida, Colorado.

Our different classes and programs will provide you with the tools and education you need.

HRRMC Wellness U programs are designed to help you prevent disease and injury, improve your health and enhance the quality of your life.

Employees can sign up for a gym membership by visiting the Wellness U Staff Gym page.

To register for classes, call (719) 530-2057

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Strength and cardio

Wellness U's Strength & Cardio program is a group exercise class that is led by certified exercise physiologists and health coaches. The goal of the program is to improve the participant's overall well-being by incorporating accountability, motivation and coaching. Cardiovascular (treadmill, bike, etc.) and strength-training equipment is used during this class. To register for this class, click here and look for "Strength & Cardio."

Direct access cardiovascular screening (DACS)

Direct Access Cardiovascular Screening gives you an option to order selected cardiovascular screenings on your own, without a doctor's order. Your payment is required upfront, by cash, check or credit card, along with an address and phone number. Insurance will not be billed.

Screenings included in the full panel are coronary calcium CT scan, carotid artery ultrasound, abdominal aortic artery ultrasound, EKG, PADnet test and lipid panel blood draw. Each test may be ordered individually as well.

Call (719) 530-2396 for more info or to schedule a screening!

To learn more about DACS, download our brochure.

Employer blood testing

Local organizations offer free or reduced-price blood testing for their employees. If you have been encouraged by your HR department to register for a blood chemistry, PSA, blood count or HgbA1c test through HRRMC, please call us at 530-2057.

Health coaching

We all know we need to eat healthy, exercise and reduce stress, so why don't we do it?! A health coach works with you to create a healthy eating and active living plan that works for your lifestyle. We all have unique motivations for improving our wellness. A health coach can help you identify your motivations and move you closer to health. Health coaching can also take your current healthy living goals to the next level.

Tai Chi

A number of different Tai Chi classes are offered year-round. Most classes are progressive so it's important to note start dates of new sessions rather than beginning in the middle of a program. For more info, contact the Wellness Department.

Wellness U education classes

HRRMC offers a variety of health education classes for community members that can help you learn how to prevent and manage health conditions. Some classes offered include:

  • Body and Brain Energy Yoga
  • Diabetes Self-Management Education
  • National Diabetes Prevention Program
  • Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance

Check our events calendar to view upcoming classes.

The Wellness U program is committed to imparting useful health and safety advice to the people of the Upper Arkansas River Valley, like High Altitude Health Tips.

Community walking program

If you could use a little encouragement to start an exercise routine, want to track your blood pressure, or like the idea of group support, join us on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 7:30-9 a.m., for a free community walking program.

Participants meet in the hospital café, check their blood pressure, and then walk at their own pace around HRRMC's walking trail. After your walk, you're invited to gather in the café for coffee, breakfast and discussion.

If you would like to learn more about any of these programs, please call (719) 530-2057.