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Sleep Medicine

Diagnosis and treatment of a variety of sleep disorders

Sleep Studies in Salida, Colorado.

If a sleep disorder is suspected, your physician may order either a home sleep test or an overnight sleep study.

Specially trained respiratory therapists at HRRMC conduct sleep studies in a comfortable bedroom setting in the hospital's Cardiopulmonary Department.

Phone: (719) 530-2280

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Our Providers

Sleep studies or polysomnograms, also known as a PSG, can determine the type and severity of a sleep disorder as well as appropriate treatment. This test is painless and non-invasive.

Suzanne Lesage, M.D., M.H.S., and Yvonne Rollins, M.D. Ph.D., are board-certified neurologists. Timothy Rummel, M.D., FCCP, FAASM, is a board-certified pulmonologist. Drs. Lesage and Rummel specialize in sleep medicine. Once you have completed your sleep study, it will be read and interpreted by one of the physicians. This assures a quick turnaround between a patient's PSG and the reported test results.