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2023 HRRMC Foundation Scholarships

2023 HRRMC Foundation Scholarships

It’s scholarship season for individuals pursuing a healthcare career! All guidelines and applications are online at

HRRMC Auxiliary Scholarship

This four-year renewal scholarship for $1,000 per year is for an eligible high school student graduating between December 2022 and June 2023 who is accepted to a college in Fall 2023 to major in a healthcare field.

Charles J. Forster Scholarship

Available to current college students from the HRRMC Salida Hospital District region, students continuing their healthcare studies in the Fall of 2023 can apply for this one-time scholarship of $2,500. Applications must be sent by June 12.

Annie Little Scholarship

Available to Buena Vista High School graduates who are current college students in a healthcare field in Fall 2023, students can apply for this one-time scholarship of $2,500. Applications musts be sent by June 12.

EMT/CNA to RN Scholarship

Available to individuals who are certified emergency medical technicians (EMTs), or certified nurse assistants (CNAs), and who are planning to attend school in the Fall 2023 to get their Registered Nursing degree (ASN or BSN). These scholarships are awarded based on need and have ranged between $2,500 – $6,500 in the past. See guidelines for more information. Applications must be sent by June 23.