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HRRMC expands Direct Access Lab Testing Program

Beginning March 20, Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center is adding a folate (folic acid)/vitamin B12 panel and a testosterone test to its Direct Access Lab Testing Program (DALT). Patients may order lab tests at discounted prices, from a set menu of 19 DALT tests, without a physician's order.

Cost for the folate/B12 panel is $60 and the testosterone test is $45. The full list of tests is available online at

Several DALT tests will also see a price increase on March 20, the first increase since the program began in April 2014. The new prices are comparable to 9Health Fair test costs.

HRRMC offers Direct Access Lab Testing (DALT) at both the hospital and the HRRMC Buena Vista Health Center as part of its community wellness program, Wellness U. DALT testing ensures that everyone has access to affordable lab tests and can take an active role in monitoring their health.

Lab results are mailed within four days of the test date. HRRMC will immediately call patients with critical results that require urgent medical attention by a physician.

HRRMC will not send DALT results to a patient's medical provider. It is the patient's responsibility to set up an appointment to review the test results with his or her provider.

Payment is required up front, by cash, check or credit card. Insurance companies will not be billed, and in many cases insurance will not cover the cost of the tests because they are not ordered by a physician.

A waiver explaining DALT specifics must be reviewed and signed prior to the lab test. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

The laboratory results of Direct Access Lab Testing require additional expert interpretation and do not substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, which should be based on your physician's professional judgment, his or her review of your test results, the findings of physical examination, and the review of your personal and family medical history.