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Your medical care

HRRMC policies mandate that as long as you are a competent adult, you are the only person who can decide what medical treatment you want to receive. If you are unable to make decisions, we first seek instructions from the patient advocate named in your durable power of attorney. If there is no durable power of attorney, we rely on your living will.

If you have not written an advance directive, we try to determine your wishes based on any oral or written statements you have made. We may talk with your family about what your wishes would be and how to fulfill them.

If we are sure about what you would want, we try to follow your wishes. If we are not sure or if there is disagreement about whether to treat you or not, we will continue to provide care, although we may ask a court to appoint a guardian to make decisions for you. Our goal is to understand and carry out the choices you would make for your medical care.

Planning Ahead Benefits You

Treatment decisions can be difficult, but an advance directive lets you tell your family and your doctors what medical care you want, if a time comes when you can no longer express those desires yourself. An advance directive helps provide peace of mind because you've made your wishes known.

For more information about advance medical directives at HRRMC, please contact our Discharge Planning office at (719) 530-2284. For information about advance medical directives in Colorado, visit www.coloradoadvancedirectives.com.