Planning for Your Procedure

Whether you will be at HRRMC for a few hours or a few days, it is important to know ahead of time what to expect and what preparations you need to make. Please remember that all procedures, from a blood draw to surgery, require registration.

Surgical Preparations
Please click here to read the "Preparing for Your Surgery" brochure. It is important to follow these instructions completely or your procedure may be cancelled.

Keep in mind that when you are asked to stop eating or drinking before a procedure that you are also to refrain from drinking water, eating hard candy or chewing gum.

Talk to your doctor about what medications you should or should not take before your procedure. If you are taking medications for blood pressure, heart or lung disease, seizures, or diabetes, it is important that you clarify what time these should be taken. If you take blood thinning medication, including aspirin, discuss this with your physician. Bring your inhalers and hearing aids with you.

It is important that your questions are addressed. You may want to bring a list of questions regarding your procedure and recovery.

Personal Preparation
Please wear loose, comfortable clothing to the hospital. Do not wear any makeup, nail polish or jewelry ≠because it may cause complications during your procedure. Artificial nails are acceptable, but all polish must be removed. If you wear contact lenses, bring your lens container and solution. You may not wear contacts during your procedure. It may be more convenient to wear glasses to the hospital.

Patient Registration

What to Bring and What Not to Bring
We ask that you do not bring any valuables with you including jewelry, watches, wallets or purses. The rooms do not have secured closets. You will be asked upon check-in to store any valuables in the hospital safe. Only you (or possibly a spouse) can retrieve items from the safe. Patients may have up to $5 cash in their rooms. You may bring books or magazines. There is a varied selection of magazines at the hospital for patient and visitor use.

Patient Rooms
All of our inpatient rooms are private rooms with private bathrooms.

Tobacco-Free Campus
For the health and safety of our patients and visitors, HRRMC prohibits smoking anywhere on our medical campus.

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