Making quality count at HRRMC

October 10, 2012

Dear Editor:

Everyone wants a quality experience, whether it is for auto repair services, a great meal at a restaurant or healthcare services. But what does quality look like?

Here at Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center (HRRMC) we believe that quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, meaningful direction, skillful delivery of patient care, and ongoing evaluation. How do we know that we are delivering the best quality service?

We measure the care that we deliver to our patients in many ways and through continuous processes such as: surveys that measure how satisfied our patients are with their care, comparing ourselves to other hospitals, participating in accreditations and inspection standards and always looking at how we can provide the absolute best care to our patients...and then making sure we deliver.

We believe our patients deserve exceptional quality care, and we are proud to celebrate National Healthcare Quality Week, October 14-20.

Trish Leavitt
HRRMC Quality Director

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