The Medical Clinics to remain open

December 5, 2012

Salida, Colorado - The planned closure of the HRRMC Internal Medicine Clinic in March 2013 does not affect the future of The Medical Clinics building, 550 West Highway 50, Salida.

In addition to HRRMC Internal Medicine, The Medical Clinics provides office space for many other medical practices. These include Surgical Specialists of Colorado, HRRMC Urology Services, HRRMC Orthopedic Center of Excellence, Dr. V. Michael Barkett, and visiting physician Dr. Peter Janes. The Medical Clinics also houses HRRMC Rehabilitation Services and HRRMC laboratory and x-ray facilities.

HSC Development, which owns the building, has received numerous patient queries about the future of the clinics. After the Internal Medicine Clinic closes, the other practices and services will continue to occupy space in The Medical Clinics and the building will remain open.

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