HRRMC Rehab offers new service to treat muscle pain

August 23, 2012

Salida, Colorado - Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center's Rehabilitation Department is offering a new service-a treatment for muscle pain and dysfunction known as trigger point dry needling.

This treatment involves inserting small filament-type needles into myofascial trigger points, or tender "knots" in the muscle tissue. The needle used is very thin, and many patients do not even feel it penetrate the skin.

The goal of dry needling is to achieve a local twitch response (LTR) when the needle is inserted into the trigger point. The LTR is an involuntary spinal cord reflex, which when elicited can "reset" the muscle fibers in the taut band causing the release of muscle tension and pain.

Patients with muscle strains, tendonitis, osteoarthritis and other symptoms may benefit from this treatment. To learn more about dry needling or to make an appointment, call the HRRMC Rehabilitation Department at 530-2040.

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