HRRMC reports community survey findings

November 7, 2012

Salida, Colorado - This fall HRRMC invited residents of the Salida Hospital District to complete a community health needs assessment. Just over 600 people responded.

The goals of the survey were to 1) learn more about what medical services people are accessing locally, 2) determine when and why they seek medical care outside the area, 3) ask what new health care services HRRMC might offer in the future, and 4) how HRRMC might improve current services.

A majority of the survey respondents were female (72.4%) and the most prevalent age range was 50-64 years old (34.3%). Just over half of the survey group (55.9%) has private insurance. About one quarter have Medicare (25.9%) and 6.6 percent have Medicaid. The remainder (14%) were uninsured or listed "other" (14.3%). Some respondents listed more than one kind of health insurance.

The vast majority (81.3%) have visited a doctor within the last two years for a checkup. Additionally, when respondents have needed medical care in the last two years, 73.5% have used a local doctor.

Of the respondents who received preventive procedures in the last two years, such as a mammogram, immunization or colonoscopy, just over half had those done locally at a HRRMC facility.

When people do leave the community for medical care, the most common reason is because they believe the service is not offered locally. The top three new-service requests for HRRMC were dialysis, urgent care and pediatrics.

The survey also shed light on how people get their information on HRRMC, with the largest percentage of respondents getting information from medical professionals. About half of the survey group had attended an HRRMC-sponsored event in the last two years-most commonly the 9Health Fair.

The hospital shared the survey results and solicited public feedback at community meetings in Salida on October 18 and in Buena Vista on October 30. The survey findings and community feedback will be used as HRRMC formulates its strategic planning for the future.

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