HRRMC introduces community education calendar

March 22, 2012

Salida, Colorado - Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center has added an interactive calendar to its website that lists wellness and continuing-care classes offered to the community.

To access the calendar, go and click on the "Community Education" button at the bottom of the homepage.

HRRMC Patient Educator Nika Starr said that community wellness and continuing care are a central focus of the hospital. "Most of the classes are available at the hospital," said Starr, "but the calendar includes others, like diabetes education, that are offered in other community locations."

Starr said that many of the classes are covered by health insurance including smoking cessation, diabetes education, cardiac rehabilitation and pulmonary rehabilitation. Other classes, such as the childbirth classes, cost a small fee to cover administrative costs.

The calendar includes a description of the classes as well as locations and times. Community members can register for the classes online or by calling Starr directly at 719-530-2416.

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