HRRMC Board offers Robert Morasko CEO position

April 1, 2013

SALIDA, Colo.- The HRRMC Board of Directors approved a motion at an open meeting at the hospital today to offer the CEO position to Robert "Bob" Morasko. An offer was extended to Mr. Morasko after the board meeting and terms are being negotiated with him.

Board chairman Dan Downing opened the meeting by stating that all three finalists were strong candidates and asking each board member to state his or her first preference and reasons for that decision.

All five board members, including Marilyn Bouldin who was absent from the meeting but had previously indicated her choice to Dan Downing, were unanimous in selecting Mr. Morasko. The board also had received feedback from members of the medical staff, administrative team and managers, all of whom indicated Mr. Morasko was their first choice. The other two finalists were Thomas J. Nordwick and George A. Rohrich.

Board members cited Mr. Morasko's strong background in finance and strategic planning as well as his ability to collaborate with physicians and employees as reasons for selecting him. He was also described as a "positive builder," "good communicator" and someone who "exudes confidence without being arrogant."

Mr. Morasko has 20 years experience as a chief executive officer and five years experience as a chief financial officer in health care. He most recently served as chief executive officer at Campbell County Memorial Hospital in Gillette, Wyo.

Once negotiations are completed, a start date for the new CEO will be set and a few days overlap are planned with current CEO Ken Leisher, who is retiring. There will also be opportunities for the new CEO to meet and greet community members.

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