Emergency Preparedness

HRRMC has a very active Emergency Preparedness Program managed by our Emergency Preparedness Manager, Diane Brooks. Our CEO and leadership team, managers and nursing supervisors have completed the required FEMA courses and are trained in using the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Hospital Incident Command System (HICS).

We provide frequent training for staff related to our emergency codes (i.e. Code Red-Fire) and practice evacuation procedures, including the use of Med Sleds to transfer non-ambulatory patients down stairwells.

HRRMC staff members meet monthly with our community partners and quarterly with our regional partners and participate in a minimum of one internal and one external emergency exercise/drill each year.

HRRMC encourages its employees to have a home plan for the first 72-hours in the event of a disaster.

To learn how to prepare for an emergency, visit http://www.ready.gov. This site has information (tool kits and videos) to help families put measures in place so they can be self-reliant for the first 72-hours if a disaster occurs.

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